AAACCP is accredited to the highly-recognized ISO/IEC 17024 global standards as an Internationally-recognized Personnel Certifications Body (PCB). In addition, the American Academy of Accredited Chartered Certified Professionals (AAACCP)


Areas of study and Certification

As an internationally-accredited, multi-disciplinary, free-membership, professional standards and careers certification body, we offer over 600 professional certification and qualification exams in over thirty (30) fields of study.



Since the attainment of accreditation against the ISO/IEC 17024 standards, we have developed a global network of hundreds and hundreds Approved Testing and Certification Exam Centers and Franchisees in over 250 different locations worldwide.


Our Certification exams

In every country where AAACCP operates, Registration and Application is free. However, Certification exams carry a fee that must be paid before a student takes any AAACCP exam.

Information about the fees is contained in our monthly newsletter. In a newsletter, there also contains a certifications exams timetable. The pre-set time table includes the professional certifications exams that are conducted on a monthly basis. To get a copy of our newsletter, contact or visit the nearest or any of the Education Recruitment Agent (ERA), Approved Training Provider (ATP) or Approved Testing and Certification Exam Center (ATCEC) locations or offices in your country.


  • 1. Being certified in your area of expertise is a symbol of professionalism, demonstrating a quest for knowledge that sets you apart in this competitive job market. When one becomes certified, he becomes a stronger asset for his organization. As a Certified Master in Air Transportation Management (CMATM), I am proud to show that I care about my profession and it shows that I am dedicated to enhancing my own abilities

    Jennifer Eckhart, Certified Master in Air Transportation Management (CMATM),
    Denver International Airport, Colorado (USA).

  • The AAACCP certification gave me an edge that only knowledge and learning can give a person. Becoming certified shows that I have accomplished something very important in my profession.

    Thomas Keller, Certified Associate in Banking Lender Liability and Law (CABLLL) and Certified Associate in International Finance Law (CAIFL,
    Delloite Consulting Group, Washington D.C (USA).

  • My AAACCP certification has increased my technical knowledge. It has been a useful application to my work. My company and I place a lot of value on this certification. It has proven to be a great return on investment.

    Abou Kharaiby, Certified Master in Natural Gas Production Engineering (CMNGPE), Certified Master in Petroleum & Gas Pipeline Engineering (CMPGPE), Certified Master in Petroleum & Gas Subsea Pipeline Engineering (CMPGSPE),
    Abu-Dhabi Gas Industries Limited, Abu Dhabi (United Arabs Emirates).